Dhokham chushi gangdruk society, Canada


Past Events

June 25, 2016

58th Anniversary of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk

September 28, 2013

Special prayer service for Pawo Gyato Kalsang (Kagyuk Center)

June 22, 2013

55th Anniversary Day of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk

May 25, 2013                   Mass Prayer Service for Tibetan Martyrs ( Kagyuk Centre )

Dec 25, 2012
Annual Fundraiser & Scholarship Award 

December 10, 2012
Global Solidarity Day          (Jointly organized) 

November 18, 2012
Special Prayer service held at Kagyud Center for our brothers & sisters who self-immolated for the cause of Tibet and it's people.  

September 8, 2012
Flame of Truth Torch Relay in Toronto (Jointly organized) 

September 2, 2012        Flame of Truth Torch Relay in Ottawa (Jointly Organized) 

July 28, 2012
DCG Prayer service for Akhu Lobsang Narang at Riwoche Temple  

A special prayer service for Pawo Gyato Kalsang la was organised by DCG on September 28, 2013 at Kagyuk Buddhist center in Toronto. 

Upcoming Events 

21st Central Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk Voting Announcement

May 14, 2017

Time11:00am - 5:00pm

VenueWhere: Garuda Tech Store, Next to Jason Coffee (Parkdale)