Dhokham chushi gangdruk society, Canada

About Us

The Dokham Chushi Gangdruk Society, Also know as (Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk Ontario Inc.) is the Canadian Chapter of Welfare Society of Central Dokham Chushi Gangdrug based in India.

The Canadian Chapter based out of Toronto, Ontario was founded in 1992. Our activities include regular meetings of members, support of the local Tibetan community, religious services, Tibetan cultural music and dance troupes. 

The Insignia at the bottom symbolizes the organization's main intention of defending Tibetan Buddhism from Communist China. The "flaming sword" is that of Manjusri Bodhisattva of Wisdom (Jampal Yang in Tibetan); which severs the roots of ignorance. The other sword symbolizes bravery and was the only weapon that the Khampa Tibetans themselves could make.

We are registered Charitable Organization in Ontario, Canada. Registration #866031370RR0001 0ur work is based solely on volunteers who have dedicated their time and skills in making this Tibetan community viable. All are welcome to join DCG Society. Membership to Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk Society costs CDN$25/year  Renewal of Membership costs CDN$20/year.

Board Members meet once a month to discuss and organize various activities involving, but not exclusive to, the Tibetan Community.

Please Donate or become a member of DCG Society to help those heroes that have given so much in the struggle for a home land (TIBET).

Please send donations or memberships to:

Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk Society

266 Saint Clarens Avenue

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6H 3W3